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Lia Montuschi
Born in Torin, Italy, on July 10, 1995
Italian Cizenship. Currently living in Turin


In the early part of my life I have devoted most of my energy and time to academic studies. During this period, I have always tried to perform at the highest levels and, at the same time, to be open to every opportunity that life may have offered. This is the reason by which I have always kept all doors open for my professional growth. I have attained few accomplishments that when judged by other people, they have been deemed to be of impact and high relevance.

Nearly two years ago my student and professional life has had a turning point. I was selected and in August 2017 I have been enrolled in the Double (Major) Degree Master in Management & Master of Science in Management Engineering(@ ESCP Europe & Politecnico di Torino). This has been a terrific personal and professional opportunity to broaden my technical horizons. I have had the unique opportunity to learn and interact with professionals in different fields (management, economics, negotiation and marketing). As a part of the double degree program, I have had also the opportunity to spend in 2018 more than 7 months working at WONDERBOX Business Support España S.L. in the framework of a Business Development Internship.

I am perfectly aware that, so far, mine are only the initial steps and that my professional growth is not a static goal but a continuously evolving combination of strong motivations, knowledge, hard work and dedication, just to mention few.

In particular, I have learned that professionally speaking there is always a “next step level”, which requires open mind, flexibility, the right spirit and energies to tackle new challenges, all on top of a solid background of knowledge and professional experience.

This trail is very long but I am grateful of the opportunities that I have had, and at the same I am excited about the new challenges both that will be offered to me and those that I will be able to create by myself. I am here: to learn, to improve, and to absorb them all. I am sure that my work will be of an outstanding quality, thus fully meeting the highest professional expectations, simply because it is my attitude and professional commitment.


Business Developement Internship at WONDERBOX Business Support España S.L.
(May 2018 - November 2018)

Commercial negotiation, telephone prospecting with the potential collaborating companies, benchmarking, verification of the accuracy and quality of the collaborating companies, active monitoring of the proposals and the commercial relationships

Math and Statistics Tutoring to High School and University students (Oct 2009 - today)
Very good knowledge of: Algebra, Arithmetics, Analysis, Geometry, Probability, Statistics
Tutoring activities to single students and small groups, including but not limited to: mentoring service, theoretical & practical subjects lecturing, teaching and guidance both on learning methodologies and knowledge nurturing

Participation to Organising Committees for self-financing activities, National and International Music Campuses for the Wind Orchestra Giovanni XXIII, Pianezza (Italy) (Jul 2013 - Mar 2017)
Organization and management of a group of 40 people aged 11-18, resources sharing, and management of spaces
Service as
English- and German-to-Italian interpreter for foreign orchestras, during all rehearsal sessions (6 hours per day, 7 days a week, 1 week, per summer, for 4 years)


Double (Major) Degree project (Sep. 2017 - Sep. 2020)
Master in Management at ESCP Europe Business School
Master of Science in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, Italy

Bachelor in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, Italy (Sep 2014 - Mar 2018). Final Grade: 108/110
Percorso Giovani Talenti (Young Talents Track): Young talents track for the best 200 students only, out of the 5.000 students enrolled every year at Politecnico di Torino
Relevant courses: Statistics (29/30), Economics and Business Organization (26/30), Computer Sciences (30L/30), Geometry (30L/30)

Erasmus project at Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain (Sep 2016 - Feb 2017)
Winner and recipient of one of the 60 scholarships, highest ranked for Management Engineering
Relevant courses: Leadership, Marketing, CAD, Creativity

German Language Course at Goethe Institut, Berlin, Germany (3-28 Aug 2014)
Intensive 4 program: 80 hours of lectures during 16 days

Diploma di Maturità (High School Graduation) at Liceo Scientifico N. Copernico, Torino, Italy (Sep 2009 - Jul 2014)
PNI special track: NI experimental course: intensive program of Mathematics, Physics and Computer Sciences during all the 5 years of high school. Final grade: 94/100


Italian (Mothertongue), English (C1), Spanish (B2), German (A2)

Computer Skills
good knowledge of Microsoft Office, C, Java, Android, HTML, SQL

Other Skills
Knowledge of the body language (mainly based on personal reading of more than 10 books of the famous psychologist Paul Ekman about macro and micro expressions)
leadership, group commitment, good communicative skills, ability to integrate in foreign contexts; good negotiation skills


Awards and Recognitions
Winner of the selection for admission to the double (major) degree in Master in Management at ESCP Europe Business School and Master of Science in Management Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, Italy (June 2017)
Menzione d'onore (Outstanding Contribution Certificate) at the Olympiads of Mathematics (Cesenatico, Italy 3-6 May 2012)
Winner of the selection for admission to the
music school section of the Scuola Media Statale Piero Calamandrei in Torino (Medium School) (violin section, September 2006)
Plum Profile (Pre-Employment Assessment):

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